The heart opener!  Emerald works with the Heart Chakra to open it up to higher energies.  By opening the Heart Chakra, one can attract true friendship and love.  Along with opening intuition, clarity of mind and vitality to the body.  It inspires a deep inner knowing, promoting truth and discernment.

Emerald also helps people in recovery from physical and emotional issues. One of the five stones used to heal or balance the heart chakra; having a healing effect on the emotions as well as the physical heart.

For a direct contact, place the healing stone on the center of your chest. You may either lie down or relax in that position for a few minutes or longer.  Used during meditation or yoga practice to receive its restorative opening and balancing effects.

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Crystals are magical. They work with healing and attuning to your frequency helping you in times of need. Crystals choose you and attract your energy so that they can heal you and work with you through any shifts in your life! 

Let’s see what message your pick of Crystal would like you to know ! 

1. ROSE QUARTZ- if you were drawn to Rose Quartz , right now your heart is in need of some self-love. You might be someone who over extends yourself to help and heal others but where is your love for yourself? The message is , no matter what grief you are going through right now, your heart is asking you to take the time to take very good care of you! It’s time to learn to say no and put your needs first! This is also a great time to open your heart to receive the love you truly desire! For those who are looking to attract a soulmate, this Crystal is working with you to allow the attraction of your mate! Current relationships are strengthened when our love for ourselves grows! Hold a Crystal of Rose Quartz while meditation or wear one close to your heart . 

2. BLACK TOURMALINE- if you’re attracted to Black Toumaline you may be feeling very drained and around a lot of toxic situations, you may be feeling your in need of grounding and just need a break from all the chaos around you. The message is that you need a time out to clear your energy. You may need to book that vacation just to get yourself and your energy back. It is also a good time to think about cutting some ties with people who are toxic and draining. You deserve to keep yourself focused, have clarity and feel protected. This Crystal comes to you in the form of courage, so that you can finally step into your own truth! Wear BLACK TOURMALINE to help keep you safe, grounded and secure! 

3. FLUORITE- if you were drawn to this Crystal you are ready to learn more and connect more to your spiritual gifts and intuition. The messsage is to trust in your process and that you are divinely guided. You are not alone and you are on the right path. You may be feeling very connected to yourself and to your higher-self , it’s time to trust in your gifts fully. You may be having more vivid dreams. Take this as a message that you are connecting to deeper meanings towards your life purpose. Wear FLUORITE to open your higher chakras to your innate wisdom. 


The Power of Intention

Intention. What is intention? Intention is everything. It is your desire, your purpose, your reason for being here. Everything is created out of intention wether we realize it or not. When negative things happen we say, well I didn’t intend that! But there are lessons to be learned, truths to be discovered and uncovered that may not be what we expected, or our background dialogue that we may not even notice is constantly running on a loop creating the exact thing we say we do not want. This is why it is important to be clear everyday with what our intentions are. There are the small intentions of our day to day living like eating well and moving well and speaking well and then there are the larger intentions of what we value in our life experience and what we want to invest our time and energy towards. This is the bigger picture intention and really it is all connected. The small and the large interwoven and equally important. 

It can be hard to get to the heart of what we really want and commit to it when there are so many distractions all around helping us avoid the truth that ultimately will lead to our healing, happiness and fulfillment. Taking time out to create a space for reflection and introspection is a great place to start finding clarity. Bringing in supportive aids like burning sage, listening to calming sounds and connecting with crystals during meditation helps to nurture the process. Introducing Moonstone into your sacred space can help you to  connect to insight, intuition and self discovery. It also brings emotional and physical balance to the body and mind. Moonstone is also great to work with during the new and full moon cycles when setting intentions is greatly supported.

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Healing The Earth One Heart At A Time,

Sanat Kumara Crystals

The Power of Crystals For Fall

We are now in fall season. The air has cooled and the winds have picked up and with it so has our creative energy. It is easy at this time to become ungrounded and get caught up in our visions and imagination of all we would like to create. Like the changing colours of the leaves we are inspired to create change in our lives.   Those beautiful leaves eventually fall to the ground and nourish the soil beneath, reminding us of the importance of bringing our creative ideas and inspirations back down into perspective and give them the time they need to be nurtured every step of the way.

Luckily the new moon in Libra has brought the energy of balance to help us along in giving the right amount of energy to each idea as well as taking the time to rest and nurture our physical bodies to prevent burning out.

So take some time to slow down and meditate using the energy of crystals for added support in grounding your creative mental energy and establishing balance and calm in your experience.

Sanat Kumara Crystals’ Get Grounded Archangel Crystal kit is fantastic! It works with Black Agate and Ruby in Fucshite Crystals for meditating and grounding energy, Sacred Sage spray for clearing and Lavender for calming and soothing.

Also, new and available now is the Keep Calm and Crystal On Archangel Crystal kit! This kit works with Moonstone and Howlite Crystals for meditation to calm and create balance in your energy and comes with Sacred Sage spray and Lavender as well!

Healing One Heart At A Time,

Sanat Kumara Crystals

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Communicating With Crystals

A Perspective in Understanding Crystals.

Crystals are powerful points of communication available to us from the Earth. Every Crystal carries its own unique energy as do we. They can offer us insights to different perspectives and frequencies helping us to expand our own awareness of ourselves and our experience.

Sometimes you may be drawn to a particular Crystal because it holds a familiar frequency and reinforces and validates what is strong in you. Other times you may be drawn to a Crystal because of what you are lacking or seeking to learn. This may even come up as a feeling of resistance but if a particular Crystal keeps making its presence into your experience, there is something it’s trying to communicate to you.

You may be attracted to a Crystal and find you keep misplacing it or losing it or it falls and breaks. This is a message that it is not the right time to work with its particular energy or your work with it is done and it is time to move on in your Crystal journey.

Either way you can make no mistake. Crystals are healing tools available to us, helping us to attune to new frequencies and understanding of ourselves and our experience with others and the universe.

When searching out a Crystal to work with, take a few deep breaths relax your mind and body and let your intuitive feelings guide you. You may also set an intention in your awareness of what you would like to learn or expand in your experience.

And remember, Crystals choose you and are there to help you in your spiritual journey.

Healing Earth One Heart At A Time,

Sanat Kumara Crystals
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The Ground Shifting Force Of Lava Rock


The shifts are coming fast and furious right now with a lot of old patterns arising in dramatic ways to force our attention to the need to clear and heal old patterns. We are all here to  awaken more fully to the truth of our experience. Rebirth after rebirth we are growing and changing at rapid pace which can lead to feeling exhausted and worn down. This is where grounding your energy is vital to your health and continued growth. Part of grounding your energy means to slow down, rest, quiet the senses and release heavy, dense physical energy locked in our bodies so that we can become lighter and more in tune with the universe, with God.

This is where introducing and connecting to the powerful energy of Lava stone can become very helpful. Lava stone comes from the deep creative fires of the earth. It carries powerful grounding energy while at the same time connecting us to the powerful creative energy of the earth. It is time for those who are ready and willing to awaken even more to the authentic power within themselves to actively and consciously start creating. Rooting your energy to the earth is first and then letting the fire deep within the earth rise up into your being will activate new creative solutions to old beliefs and systems which need to change.

Lava stone is very calming to emotions and helps to break negative emotional attachments. As you shift lava stone will aid the process of letting old negative emotional patterns rise up from the subconscious into the conscious, helping to give birth to new joy and freedom from these old attachments into new perspectives.

Creating time in your day, even just a few minutes to meditate with lava rock and bring yourself back into connection with the earth and its rhythms is a great place to start.

Healing Earth one Heart at a Time,

Sanat Kumara Crystals

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The Magic of Black Agate Crystal

As we progress on our personal spiritual path, we experience shifts in our physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. It is important to nurture and support each aspect of ourselves through these transitions. Working with crystals can be a powerful supportive tool to aid you in your personal experience.

One reason crystals are beautiful tools is because they are physical manifestations as we are, that help us to be present in our experience. It is important to stay grounded in your physical body first and foremost through any transition. We are having a physical experience on earth, therefore we must remember the importance of staying connected to the earth itself. Our energy can become stuck in our minds, in our emotions, or even outside our physical selves where we can become numb to our experience.

Black Agate Crystal’s energy can help to bring our energy back into the vibration of being present in our bodies and being protected through our experience. It also holds the vibration of inner peace, strength and courage and is a calming stone that can help give you clarity in your decisions as you transition.

The Spiritual Support crystal kits from Sanat Kumara Crystals all come with a Black Agate crystal to help protect and ground your energy in your physical body through all your spiritual shifts. Add this beautiful crystal to your spiritual toolbox today!

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